University Place Roofing


You should reach out to none other than the best-in-class technicians for roofing work on your University Place, WA property. The roof is an integral part of any building. Compromising on such a critical element of your property means risking the safety of your loved ones and a big investment.

Come to Cougar Construction & Roofing if you want a University Place roofing that will protect you in case of extreme weather conditions.

Do not think of hiring unreliable, cheap University Place roofing contractors over us to save some money. Allow our experienced experts to take care of your University Place roofing project.

Choose us when searching for:

  • Roof companies
  • Roof contractors
  • Roofing experts
  • Roofers

Call Cougar Construction & Roofing for University Place roofing services!

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University Place Roofing Installers


We have been fulfilling the needs of property owners in our capacity as University Place roofing installers since 1999. With the help of honest and high-quality services, we have become one of the most trusted roofing installers in the region.

Count on us whenever you need University Place roofing installers to work on your property.

We genuinely believe that property owners who approach us for the services of University Place roofing installers deserve to get the most brilliant solutions. Rest assured that our University Place roofing installers will leave your property with a sturdy, dependable, and strong roof.

Come to us if you want a:

  • PVC Single Ply roofing system
  • Commercial roof system
  • Residential roof system
  • Single Ply TPO roofing system

Call Cougar Construction & Roofing for the services of University Place roofing installers!

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University Place Roofing Contractors


Choosing us ahead of all the other University Place roofing contractors is a decision you will be glad you took. We have an excellent record of surpassing the expectation levels of our clients.

Our great image among property owners and ever-expanding customer base is proof of us having the edge over other University Place roofing contractors.

Out of all the University Place roofing contractors, our company has the professional crew and high-end equipment required for an efficient job. Whether you need a roof repair or installation job to be carried out on your property, turn to us instead of going for other University Place roofing contractors.

Think of only us when you need services like:

  • Roof replacement
  • New roof installation
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof repair

Call Cougar Construction & Roofing for one of the leading University Place roofing contractors!

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