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you are visiting this page you are either trying to learn more about roofing or you have a roofing problem. Either way, welcome to Cougar Construction and Roofing. We know roofing is somewhat of a mystery and we are here to shed like to something things that will help you understand and make more informed decisions.

Being an Auburn roofing contractor we have seen the best, the worst, and the ugly when it comes to repairing the damage. The thing we learned most is a lot of our customers underestimated or did not really know what roof damage was. Majority of people only recognize roof damage when there is a leak in the ceiling or a hole in the roof. Yes, that indeed is roof damage, BUT that is not the beginning nor the end. We tell our clients that roof damage is anything that compromised the integrity of your roof. That might seem broad, but that is because it is not a cut and dry issue.

To take a step back for a bit, your roof is the main lines of defense from the outside elements; we all know that. Your shingles give your roof the protective layers that are needed. If one shingle is cracked, curling, loose or missing your roof is compromised AND you have roof damage. Once you understand those facts you can begin to look at things differently. It almost forces you to become proactive rather than reactive. Meaning you do not wait for things to suddenly go wrong, you make sure everything is working the best you can so that they do not go wrong. Subsequently, if things should go wrong you have lessened the impact saving you time and money. This sounds like a lot, but that is only because you may not have looked at your roof in this light.

Cougar Construction and Roofing Images

If you are looking for commercial roofing, the same rules somewhat apply to you too. Sure your roofing material is different than residential, but being proactive is key. You should also know how your roof is constructed. Is it single ply or Asphaltic? Additionally, you should know about coating and insulation. Being a good roofing contractor we use GAF products as we are GAF Master Commercial roofers as well.

This might be a lot of information to take in, so let us make it real simple. Schedule regular roof inspections. We offer them FREE and you can not beat that. Our goal is to make sure your residential or commercial location is as safe as it can be on the outside. If you have more questions, concerns or want to schedule your free roof inspection Cougar Construction and roofing will be here for you. Contact us any time!

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